Sunday, October 23, 2011

Alexander/ Mendoza 2012 Socialist Party candidates

Socialist Party USA has chosen Stewart Alexander for President and Alejandro Mendoza for Vice President.

Presidential Candidate Questionnaire

Stewart A. Alexander
Web site -- email
Introductory Statement

I am Stewart A. Alexander of Murrieta, California, a life-long civil rights activist and an active member of the Peace and Freedom Party for the last nine years. Last year I ran a statewide campaign for Lieutenant Governor, and I was pleased with how well the socialist message of the Peace and Freedom Party resonated with the people and groups I spoke with during the campaign. These are times of crisis, and people are looking for answers. I am offering myself as a candidate for the Presidential nomination of the Socialist Party and the Peace and Freedom Party in order to bring to the country a message of peace, human rights, prosperity for workers, and socialism. I think people are ready to listen. I hope to help build a united Left campaign, bringing people together to work in the people's interest.

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