Sunday, October 6, 2013

Why we need government run healthcare.

Much light have been on the affordable care act. Government must step in on insurance companies from dropping people with pre-existing conditions. This hurts families. With inflation, prices are rising because of capitalism.
Government must step in to keep prices under control, so single mothers and seniors can buy food. This is an outrage for this to happen because of capitalism. Corporations are full of crooks, they dont care about children or seniors.
The Democrats are bought and paid for by the same people that have the Republicans. This getting us nowhere fast.
We ,Communist ,must abandon the Democrats and join a party for the people.
Here in Florida ,we have a few choices.

Party of Socialism and Liberation is the best choice! Join them!

                                               REVOLUTION!! COMRADES!!

Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Executive Directive 51 and hurry!

The President needs to dissolve Congress by "Executive Order", and put the Republicans in their place.

With this Directive 51, the President stops this shutdown by "declaring a state of emergeny" and get these sorry Republicans and their Tea Party hatemongers out of the way, so we came help people get on with their lives. This is a call to all Communist and Socialist to call the President and push for this counter measures.
(202)456 1111 or (202) 456 1414.
                                          REVOLUTION COMRADES! DA