Friday, May 6, 2011

Defending Democracy is hard work

As a legislator in Montana, I'm proud that my state has defeated several bills aimed at suppressing the vote.

Unfortunately Montana is one of only a few success stories in efforts to combat a concerted Republican campaign to make it much more difficult to vote in dozens of states across the country.

In a New York Times editorial last week, the Advancement Project, a civil rights advocacy group, described this rash of Republican-sponsored legislation as "the largest legislative effort to scale back voting rights in a century."

That's why two organizations dedicated to preserving our rights have teamed up to take a stand against this outright assault on the fundamental democratic right to vote. Click here to join us today.

As a long-time Democracy for America Member and activist, I'm excited to partner with the Young Democrats of America, where I serve as Vice President along with a talented and dynamic group of young leaders. Both DFA and YDA are committed to a more progressive future -- and standing up for what's right.

A democracy depends on the people choosing their elected officials -- not the politicians choosing their voters -- and for that reason, DFA and YDA are launching a national campaign to defend democracy and defeat the Koch-funded attacks on voting rights.

Join us in defending democracy right now.

In addition to this national statement in support of voting rights, YDA and DFA will be working together on a state by state basis to defeat the individual bills aimed at suppressing the votes of young people, working families, people with disabilities, the elderly and minorities.

There is little else more precious than our ability to participate in our democracy. Join me today in standing up for voting rights.
Together, we can make sure all our voices are heard. Thanks for everything you do.
- Ellie
Representative Ellie Boldman Hill
Missoula, Montana

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