Monday, December 19, 2011

Dear Leader! Kim Jong IL, Forever in our hearts!


Dear Leader, Kim Jong IL, is reunited with Kim IL Sung! They are smilin down on North Korea with grace and benevolence. our Father , Kim Jong IL, protected us from the evil empire, the United States and NATO. With threats of war and sanctions against North Korea, Dear Leader didnt give an inch. Thats Leadership! Thats stayin the course against capitalist scum! North Korea is great nation , because Kim IL Sung laid out the plan.Kim Jong IL carried it forward. The Workers of North Korea are trained and worked for Dear Leader. A strong Revolutionary Guard was the glue , that make it stick together. With Juche, it worked even better.

Sunday, December 18, 2011

Leave Iraq,Now come here!

As the last American troops leave Iraq, pull back to Kuwait. I have a new mission for them. City streets in America. This something needed very badly, with our police force cut back because of budget cuts have the returning troops fill the gaps. The terrorist cell known as the Tea Party, will be kept under wraps. The weak cadre' known as the Democrat Party can't be trusted to hold it's own water. This will take some hard core Communist. Our cadre' is strong. If you are Communist , and want a cadre' ,thats got intestinal fortitude. It's right here. We are the answer to the question that nobody is asking,"Who is going to save us from this terrorist cell?"
                            It's the Communist Party or my personal favorite Revolutionary Communist Party !
Any Questions?

Friday, December 16, 2011


Thanks to the President and the House for passage of this very important bill. With a provision of lockin up the terrorist cell known as the TeaParty, for indefinate time, without habeaus corpus. These people are attacking the President, you and me. They need to be shown time to pipe down and get in line.If not, you will be put in line. We must support the President with all  fibers of our being.